As 2022 draws to an end we can look at the topic of Communications and be sure about one thing: the trends and growth in this industry are continuously evolving. With work culture and the need of businesses staying connected both internally and externally being challenged, 2023 promises to usher in new styles and trends in the way that businesses are staying in touch. Whether your business is looking to strengthen their team, or stay connected to the customers that continue to support your growth and goals for the New Year, you can be sure that CallHarbor will be in touch and on trend to meet your communication needs in 2023. 

Industry specialists alike believe that these upcoming trends in 2023 will keep you up to date and on task in the year to come:

Strengthening company moral and connection in an increasingly remote work world  

The workspace norm in 2023 is projected to keep changing as we have seen in both 2021 and 2022, with workers being offered more and more remote options and flexibility to work from places other than just the office. Strong communication with leaders and staying informed will both be vital to keep morale high and operations successful.

Here are some tips for strengthening company morale & connection in a remote workforce:

  • Internal communication avenues such as chat, email & virtual meetings
  • “Office hours” – set times that leadership is available for open calls or video chats
  • Updating without micromanaging
  • Keeping employees informed on any changes & updates

Growing emphasis on video communication

As we can see, remote working is becoming more popular amongst big and small businesses alike. Having the availability of communicating via video is keeping teams connected to not only each other, but to existing and potential customers as well. Having video conferencing capabilities will be a must moving forward in the new remote work environment that’s here to stay. 

CallHarbor offers an internal video communication platform available to add onto any account. Whether you use it for internal meetings or for meetings with clients, our video platform is reliable & flexible. With a browser-based platform, CallHarbor Video is accessible to all, without the person on the other end having to download an app. CallHarbor Video includes recording, chat (meeting-wide or private), and typical features such as mute, screenshare, etc.

Utilizing data to optimize communication

With so many new ways to communicate such as chat, video, and phone, analyzing metrics and data is imperative. By looking at these stats, companies can better hone in on successful tools, and track numbers to help reflect where use of resources are successful or could use improvement.

CallHarbor includes reporting & analytics at no cost to our customers. Create customized email reports to stay informed on what’s going on with your phone system. Using statistics and reports to analyze your communication (internal & external) can help you optimize your communication plan to better suit your needs. Analytics such as outbound calls, average hold time, abandoned calls, calls to voicemail, and more, are available at your fingertips.

Businesses are increasingly looking for multiple device solutions with easy relocation flexibility

The systems that are projected to be more successful in the new year are the systems that are able to move with their users. Phone calls are no longer only handled in the office and users need a system that supports multiple devices. Whether these devices are stationary or mobile, they must have the ability to move and function as their location changes.

CallHarbor’s system is available on your desk phone, cellphone via call forwarding or mobile app, and web softphone via browser or download. All avenues are available for every user, for no additional mobility cost. Easily switch between devices whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the road.

Internet based phone systems continue to grow in popularity and reliability over traditional phone services

VoIP and Cloud-based phone systems are quickly becoming the popular system of choice for companies that are remote or hybrid. The functionality and mobility that internet based phone systems can provide is technically advanced and gives more options when it comes to how and where business phone systems can be used.

With 2023 right around the corner, CallHarbor is continuing to grow and evolve with the changing realm of communication. With our platform continuing to update and grow, we offer flexibility and reliability in your communication system. Paired with useful tools such as video conferencing, data analytics, and many others, we keep your company in touch where it matters the most. 

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