CallHarbor Private Label

Offer VoIP under your own brand.


platform on the market period.

Strengthen Your Brand

Feature Rich Platform

Hardware Agnostic

Dedicated Support Team

Fully Customizable

Enjoy High Profit Margins

Did you know that you can easily earn 60% profit margins, be up and running in as little as two days, and keep you brand image? Schedule a demo.

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  • Redundancy


    CallHarbor has multiple datacenters across the nation in a Live-Live environment. In the case of a total outage of your primary selection for connectivity the other locations will immediately take over for full failover. All features work, calls process, and your customers stay happy.

    CallHarbor has locations in Atlanta, GA as well as Southfield, MI with new locations on the West Coast coming online soon!

  • Profitability


    CallHarbor offers some of the best profit margins in the industry. We also only charge based on number of devices on our platform, not per auto-attendant, per queue, or per phone system. This allows you to sell to large and small customers, with little or massive call routing setups.

  • Brand Building

    Brand Building

    By utilizing CallHarbor as a private label partner you can build your brand and build market value for your company. CallHarbor also helps to expand your existing portfolio of products, and can make your company the one stop shop for all of your customers needs.

  • Full Billing Solution

    Full Billing Solution

    We offer a full billing solution that integrates with your existing accounting applications. Our billing platform is fully white-label and allows you to simply adjust pricing and start quoting right away. Our system is full quote to production, no need for multiple platforms, or working with multiple companies to offer one product.

  • Fast Deployment

    Fast Deployment

    CallHarbor’s system offers industry leading setup times. With instant provisioning of phone systems, endpoints, and features. You can setup a ten phone system in five minutes or less. We also offer outstanding import and export tools so that you may build an entire system in Excel and simply import the data for the fastest building of large sized phone systems.

  • Simplicity


    When CallHarbor’s system was built it had the customer in mind. The customers experience is near identical to yours. This means that there is little training required to get up and running selling the system. This has also shown to benefit when working with your customers as you already know how the client portal looks and operates.


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