Calls aren’t just about relationship building and problem solving. Calls provide a source of valuable insight into customer needs, agent productivity, and growth opportunities. Making the most of these insights before, during, and after your calls equips you to exceed customer expectations.

Call analytics tools allow businesses to collect, analyze, and use data to their advantage. Service and sales teams use call analytics to understand the needs of their customers better. Furthermore, with the right analytical strategies, you can also encourage better outcomes for your team

Most businesses know that data is the key to unlocking success. If you want to run a more productive team, reduce your budget, or drive better customer experiences, you need data. Unfortunately, you also need a way to turn that information into insights. That’s where analytics comes in.

Analytics can help if you need a system for managing your data for compliance reasons. The right tools are also there to deliver better customer experiences through relevant insights into the customer journey. Whatever you want to accomplish with data, call analytics is here to help.

Types of analytics we can track:

Service level – The percentage of calls answered within a specified time frame, usually expressed as “X% of calls answered within Y seconds.”

Abandoned calls – a call or other type of contact initiated to a call center that is ended before any conversation occurs

Hold Time – the amount of time for which a call center agent puts a customer on hold

Talk Time – the amount of time a phone agent talks to a customer during an interaction as measured by the automatic call distributor.

Wait time – the mean duration that an inbound call spends waiting in a queue

Calls Handled – calls touched by your team or a specific agent during a specific duration. It usually doesn’t include abandoned calls.

These metrics are just a few examples of different call analytics. There are many more metrics to track with call analytics and this list shows the beginning of what your team will be able to do.

Why use call analytics?

Call analytics is about measuring, collecting, analyzing, and reporting call data. This allows your team to use insights derived from call analysis to optimize their campaigns and call handling. The key idea behind implementing call analytics is to better measure, manage, and analyze the call performance of your customer service or sales representatives.

Here are our top 3 reasons to want the data gathered from call analytics:

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: By analyzing call recordings and transcripts, call analytics tracking software helps identify customer aggravation points and improve call handling processes, leading to a better overall customer experience and increased customer satisfaction. 
  2. Call Performance Optimization: Call analytics allows businesses to monitor and analyze key call performance indicators such as call duration, call abandonment rates, and call conversion rates. This information helps identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to enhance call quality and conversion rates. 
  3. Competitive Advantage: Utilizing call analytics tracking software allows businesses to gain a competitive edge by understanding their customers’ needs and preferences. This knowledge allows them to tailor their products, services, and marketing campaigns to meet customer demands more effectively than their competitors.

What industries should use Call Analytic software?

Any industry that relies on inbound calls to acquire customers would benefit by using a call analytics solution. Phone calls are particularly important to industries with complex, expensive, or imparative purchases. Examples of these industries include automotive, home services, technology, financial services, e-commerce, healthcare, education, insurance, travel and hospitality, senior living, retail, lead generation, direct response, real estate, and more. Based off of this list, we believe that call analytics would be important for any industry and with CallHarbor call analytics is just the beginning of what we can help you accomplish!