One of the best features of VoIP is the flexibility and mobility that it brings to businesses and their employees. With an estimated 30% of workers working remotely in 2023, it’s crucial to select a phone platform that aligns with your company’s requirements and can cater to the diverse needs of your employees, while prioritizing uninterrupted connectivity to the things that matter most. When choosing a VoIP provider it is important to make sure you are getting the best features that work for your team and that is flexible enough to accommodate and grow with your business.

CallHarbor is making sure that we are giving our customers all the tools they need to succeed when communicating internally & externally. Whether that’s on a laptop in the car, docked at the office, or from a desktop at home, CallHarbor has tools that are connecting business both stationary and mobile. We have many different options on utilizing CallHarbor from different platforms, this particular post will focus on how to use CallHarbor and all our great features from a desktop or laptop computer. All of these options are included with standard user access so it will never cost you extra to take advantage of these options as well.


For laptop computers there are a couple different options when it comes to using CallHarbor. Whether your laptop is at home with you or you are on location with a vendor or at a site, the first thing you will need to do is make sure that your computer is connected to the internet whether hard wired or via Wi-Fi. 


For use of Callharbor on a Desktop computer you will have the same options when it comes to software. There will need to be a stable internet connection for these options to work successfully. Make sure there is a strong internet connection either via ethernet connection (or in some cases Wi-Fi)

1. By going to and using your credentials you will be able to log in directly to your User Access. This will log you into your home page showing you any queues you are a part of and if there are any waiting calls. You will also see any notifications on your dashboard such as missed calls, voicemail, and SMS messages.

CallHarbor browser based Softphone

2. By downloading the CallHarbor Progressive Web App or PWA, this will provide the same great feel of the browser based softphone while providing a couple more advanced features such as push notifications and eliminating the log in process. Any notifications will be displayed in the bottom of your screen, as well as your dashboard home screen and you will also receive on screen notifications of activity when the application is running.

Notifications Displayed when using PWA
Incoming Call using PWA

When using both these option you will have access to all of the same great features (plus more!) that would be available to you when using a stationary desk phone from the office. Some great CallHarbor features available on the webphone include voicemail access, SMS, full contact list with presence, as well as the options to place outgoing and receive incoming calls as well.

Beginning a new call
Beginning a new message

No matter where your work location is, and what trend your business is following, we know that the need for reliable feature-rich communication platforms will continue to be crucial for business both big and small. Whether your employees are stationary or mobile, CallHarbor has a phone platform that is accessible from just about anywhere, with great features to keep everyone in your network from employees and customers connected.