Wi-Fi calling is getting more and more popular, especially for people making frequent work calls relying on topnotch call quality. However, according to a recent study, 45% of Americans still don’t fully understand what Wi-Fi calling is. As workers continue to shift to remote work, it’s crucial to get acquainted with Wi-Fi calling. Let’s take a look at the basics of Wi-Fi calling, what benefits it can have, and specifically how CallHarbor’s Wi-Fi calling (among other features) can make your life easier!

Wi-Fi Calling & VoIP

In short, Wi-Fi calling lets you make phone calls using a wireless internet connection. The simplest way to make a Wi-Fi call is through a VoIP system, such as CallHarbor. This works by making a connection with a specific carrier over your internet connection to establish a secure phone line. Things can get pretty technical behind the scenes, but luckily with today’s easy-to-use technology and simplified usability features, it’s easy to get the hang of.

There is, however, a difference between Wi-Fi calling and VoIP technology. When people refer to VoIP, they are typically referring to an app or platform that requires installation, such as CallHarbor’s mobile app or web softphone (continue reading for more info on both of these). When people mention Wi-Fi calling, they are referring to a particular carrier’s calling capability that is automatically available on most phones. There’s no need to install an app to take advantage of Wi-Fi calling. Instead, you enable a setting on your phone that turns on this feature (see more below on how to enable Wi-Fi calling on your phone). Despite the difference between VoIP and Wi-Fi calling, they can still certainly be intertwined and taken advantage of simultaneously.

voip wireless calling

Benefits of Wi-Fi Calling

One of the major benefits of Wi-Fi calling is the fact that it can be taken advantage of if you are in an area that a cellular network doesn’t reach, such as a “dead zone.” As long as there is a stable internet connection you can tap into, you’re good to go! Some of the other perks include:

  • Better voice quality, especially in areas where network coverage is weak
  • No additional charges from your phone service provider – the chance of you going over your data limit is virtually diminished
  • Included in most mobile plans – no requirement for add-on services, special plans, or additional logins
  • No need to change your existing phone number (such as if you were to create a Google Voice number)
  • Extended battery life – the constant search for cellular networks can drain your device’s battery

If you’re using a device that doesn’t have a cellular connection, the CallHarbor mobile app can be installed on Windows and Mac operating systems, So, even if you’re without your phone, you can still make Wi-Fi calls through your computer.

CallHarbor’s Wi-Fi Calling Features – And More!

Not only does CallHarbor’s mobile app make everyday tasks easier, but our web softphone and modern hardware options can also streamline your business tasks and enhance your communication efforts. Let’s take a deeper look into each one.

Mobile App

CallHarbor’s mobile app offers a wide variety of features that will simplify your workday and collaboration efforts. One perk is that it lets you adjust your settings to use either Wi-Fi or mobile data to make calls. So, you won’t use up any data if you are on Wi-Fi, but you also have the option to continue to use it on the go. The app truly allows you to take your business extension with you wherever you go. In addition to seamless calling, you can also adjust your answering rules, check voicemail, and send chat + SMS.

The below images show how you can toggle mobile data usage on directly through our mobile app, along with through your phone’s general settings after selecting the CallHarbor Mobile tab.


CallHarbor also offers a softphone feature, which can be utilized through our internet web portal on a desktop, mobile device, or other computer. It allows users to place and receive calls, see their coworkers’ online status, and engage in chat and SMS. Check out our blog post, “Advantages of Utilizing a Softphone” to dive deeper into the benefits of using our softphone.

Hardware & Wi-Fi Capabilities

One of CallHarbor’s popular business phones is the Yealink T54W. With this sophisticated hardware option, it is possible to set it up with Wi-Fi rather than a wired connection. If your Wi-Fi has no password, the phone will connect automatically. Otherwise, the phone will ask you for the password, which you can input using the buttons on your phone.

Once this is done, you will see a green signal icon on the phone’s home screen indicating you are connected. It’s as easy as that!

Wi-Fi Calling in Today’s World

Enabling Wi-Fi calling makes for better sound quality of your calls and a cheaper phone bill, on top of being easy to enable and use. There’s no doubt that Wi-Fi calling makes the most sense for individuals along with businesses of any size, especially through CallHarbor’s mobile app which ensures a secure connection and high quality calls. Contact CallHarbor today to learn more about our Wi-Fi calling features through our mobile app, web softphone, and state-of-the-art hardware options.


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