On Thursday August 29, 2021 CallHarbor attended an amazing event put on by a trusted partner. Global Telecom Solutions (GTS) is a telecommunications service provider. Created in 2001 in Detroit, Michigan, the core goal of GTS is to provide businesses with a one-stop shop for all telecom needs. They put the business into a position of strength through knowledge of the marketplace. Starting with two employees and two service providers, GTS now has more than 3,000 customers globally. They are one of our most trusted partners, and we love working closely with them! As somewhat of a telecom broker, GTS takes the needs of their customers and finds them the perfect fit. When we are that perfect fit, we work with GTS to give the customer an amazing and seamless experience.

The Open House

Every year, GTS throws their open house, where exhibitors set up space to share their products/services with others. Some of the vendors included CallHarbor, 123NET, AT&T, Vonage, and more. The trade show portion was a great way to allow people to learn about our products and services. After the trade show, the afterglow began, where attendees enjoyed food, drinks, and live music! The networking continued, and we got to listen to the amazing keynote speaker, Janet Schijns. Janet spoke about the channel, sales, and partner relationships.

Partner Awards Ceremony

After the wonderful keynote speaker, the awards ceremony began. CallHarbor is honored to be awarded as one of the Service Provider-Carriers of the Year! We value our partner so much and are extremely lucky to work so closely with GTS.

“CallHarbor had such a fun time at our first big event in almost 2 years! Our team loved meeting new people in the industry, networking, and enjoying great food and music. We are so honored and excited to have been chosen as one of the Service Provider-Carriers of the Year. We love working with GTS and can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for the both of us!”

Bailey Terrell, Channel Sales & Marketing Director, CallHarbor

About CallHarbor

CallHarbor is a national telecommunications service provider that offers a full unified communications suite – voice, messaging, video, and mobile. CallHarbor has continually focused on providing small and medium-sized businesses with Voice over IP (VoIP) systems that have all the telephony advantages of large organizations, at a manageable price. With no upfront costs, no surprise billing, and straightforward pricing, CallHarbor makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to get access to upgraded systems. The CallHarbor products have evolved over the years to meet the new demands of the workplace, always offering the latest technology with the greatest features, such as full unified communications, call center functionality, web softphone, and enhanced voicemail services. If your company could use these great telecommunications advantages, visit CallHarbor’s website at CallHarbor.com for more information, or to easily reach out to an employee to learn more.