Working at a law firm means that communication is high priority. In a law office or practice, proper communication is imperative in presenting a polished and professional impression to clients. Whether you are a lawyer, a paralegal, an administrative assistant, or another position within the firm, someone is always counting on you. Your firm needs communication that works. You need a solution that isn’t going to break the firm’s bank, isn’t going to make you miss any calls, and is going to give you the flexibility and reliability you deserve.

Features to Benefit a Law Firm

Law firms have more options than ever before when it comes to their phone systems. VoIP and cloud phone systems have taken the world by storm, and it’s easy to see why. Your law firm can get the much-needed lower costing solution it needs. Utilizing a VoIP system will allow you to seamlessly communicate with your team, your clients, and everyone in between. Your firm will also save money by switching over. While each law firm is unique, it’s not uncommon to save anywhere from 30% to over 50% a year in telecommunications costs after switching to a hosted business cloud phone system.

VoIP provides your firm with more flexibility and mobility. With VoIP, you can make and receive unlimited phone calls, conduct conference calls from your direct conference bridge, forward calls to your mobile phone, utilize your business phone number from the mobile app or web softphone, manage calls on the go, send and receive faxes online, and so much more.

Enhanced eFax

Our enhanced eFax platform makes faxing easy. Send and receive faxes right from your computer, utilizing your fax number. On our enhanced eFax platform you can build out templates for cover pages that you use often. Your contacts are built out in the platform, along with reporting on the status of sent faxes. Scheduling out faxes makes it easy if you know you need to send a fax at a specific time of the day. Our system also offers email to fax and print to fax, to make it even easier on you.

Inner-Office Chat

Every user on our system gets access to inner-office chat, where you can send message to other people on your system. You can streamline your communication instead of using a third-party company for chatting. You can send individual messages or start a group chat. Access our chat platform through the customer portal, your web softphone, or on the free mobile app. Get quick answers to questions about cases, wherever you are at.

Receptionist Features & Hardware

Receptionists at law firms take a high volume of important calls. CallHarbor’s system makes it easier and more convenient to manage. Our web softphone is a great way for receptionists to stay connected from anywhere. By using a web softphone, employees don’t have to be tied to their desk or cubicle to utilize their work phone number. You can start new phone calls right from the web softphone, begin new chat or SMS conversations with your coworkers, see your coworkers’ availability statuses, view your settings and toggle answering rules and greetings, and even more.

Our auto attendants are another great feature for receptionists. Auto attendants are helpful because they can lessen a receptionist’s duties so they can focus on different tasks. By using an auto attendant, the caller can help route their call to a specific extension, queue, voicemail, and more. Auto attendants are extremely valuable for companies because they serve as a type of call management that makes sure the company’s callers get to the right department quickly and easily. Our hardware, such as cordless phones are a great option for receptionists. A cordless office phone provides a way for your receptionist to move freely about the office without worrying about missing a call. It also offers them mobility while on a call, whether they need to go to another location to get information, or to prepare files or faxes.

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Flexibility to WFA

Working from anywhere when you work at a law firm is very important. Whether you are working from home, traveling for a case, or in the office, you need to be connected. Having the ability to work where you need to is the biggest perk of using a VoIP phone system. There are many benefits to being able to work from outside of the office – extending from employers to employees alike.

Many studies throughout time have proven the fact that employees are more satisfied when they have the ability to work from anywhere. Workers who work outside of the office, at least some of the time, are happier, feel more trusted, are less stressed, and are more inclined to recommend their employer to a friend. Having the ability to fully immerse in your work from your laptop or cellphone, while utilizing the same number as your office phone, means that you can still be “in office” while at home or on the go. 91% of employees with the ability to work outside of the office reported that they had a better work-life balance than working fully on-site.

Unlimited Calling

Unlimited calling is a very important feature to have, especially for law firms that take important calls all day. CallHarbor offers unlimited calling nationwide and Canada, so you don’t have to worry about overages. You won’t get any surprise charges from us.